Minimum Viable Product. Complete.

So going through the various resources… took me to the same place.

Make a list.

Come up with an MVP. If you’re not familiar, basically a list of app features the app must have to be the product you dreamed up. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from writing EVERYTHING down. You never know… it might just become a big deal and you’ll get to do all the cool things you want to do.

So, what was interesting about making the list was that I looked at it from two angles. What features did the app need to have – and what features would be easy… ish to develop. Having some understanding of iOS and backend of development is pretty crucial here. Otherwise you’ll just go ahead and plan out a 3D first person shooter…. (I’m not making one of those… I swear).

I’m moving on to design – going to skim some of the books again. Making the list also gave me some idea of how the app might look work. Side note: does anyone else think that iOS 7 made it easier to come up with a design? Skeuomorphism seemed like a higher bar in terms of coming up with the assets to make your designs look like ‘real world’ things.

Anyway. Lessons learned. Make a list, scratch off the items that are totally necessary or will require huge technical investments or post major technical hurdles.

My two cents.

Time for a beer.

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