So I’m looking at laying out my interface using storyboards. I could manually build out each screen, but I’m not sure what would be the point. If you haven’t done much iOS before, basically every single screen is a view controller. So using storyboards is just a matter of throwing view controllers down.

As with all iOS endeavours, what I find is wiring the screens together isn’t the big issue – it’s always passing data back and forth or how that data persists. I think I’ll start with a simple singleton object. Something I attach to the app delegate. I know this might not be a long term solution, but in the short term it will get me to a functioning prototype.

Thinking about a prototype… I’m wondering how soon I could actually throw something on the App Store. Do this really agile… Chuck an app up, get people playing around with it and then iterate on it. I’ve read 2-3 days or as much as 8 days to get an app reviewed. Anyone have any recent experience with this?

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