Learning Ruby on Rails with Heroku Episode 1

Ever since I saw Heroku I wanted to use it for a screencast on learning Ruby on Rails. This weekend I finished the very first episode! This episode is fairly light on Ruby on Rails content because I was so focused on screencasting and learning all about video and audio production for the web.

So take a look and tell me what you think. I used Vimeo for hosting the video. I also produced the video in HD… however I didn’t realize that Vimeo only streams the HD content on their site, not the embedded video. So to view the best possible video you should view it on Vimeo. here is the link. You can make it full screen and enjoy the HD in all its glory.

Please feel free to leave some constructive criticism regarding the screencast. This way I can make some changes before I start pushing this out more regularly.

In this first episode of Learning Ruby on Rails with Heroku:

  1. Introduction
  2. Goal of this screencast series
  3. What is Heroku?
  4. Getting an account
  5. Creating your first Ruby on Rails application
  6. Basic navigation of Heroku

Learning Ruby on Rails with Heroku Episode 1 from Matthew Carriere on Vimeo.